2 Chute High End Color Sorting Machine , High Output Rice Colour Sorter

Zhongke Rice Color Sorter Machine , 2 Chute , RGB CCD , High Output , High Accuracy



RC Series Rice color sorter is the high-end product which has been launched in 2017 with remote control AI system.


1,Camera:leading in the industry

International well-known brand customized lens

Import high-end 5400Pixel CCD Image Acquisition System

High-speed of scanning


2.High-frequency Solenoid Valve:leading in China

High-quality high-frequency solenoid valve, with consistency of near zero error.

Service life more than 1 billion times.

Ultra high precision, leading in China


3,Intelligent Image Processing Algorithm

The combination of colors and shapes of intelligent algorithm

Leading role in China.

Precise professional sorting solutions


4,Customized Lighting System:import purchasing

Advanced LED optical design system.

Various light sources are available to suit different materials.

Designated procurement of imported LED lamps,Higher stability, longer service life.

LED lighting system with thermal dissipation.


5,Data Transmission System:high-speed and stable

The interface:

High anti-jamming, high transmission speed, high stability


6,Chip:innovative ultra high-speed processing

realizing the stability ,reliability and high-speed mass data processing.


7,Feed Trough:Feed Trough

Application of high-quality ultra wide trough in China.

Special anodization treatment process ensures the required production in line with

the international first-class level.

Cascading flat plate and narrow chute channel can be outfitted to sort a variety of material colors.


8,Human-Computer Interface:simple and easy to operate

More intelligent, easy operation, one button for professional sorting, remote debugging, remote diagnosis, remote software upgrading.

  • Zhongke Big Database
  • Automatic Computing and Super Brain Intelligent Identification
  • 5400Pixel CCD Image Acquisition System
  • Image Processing System
  • Intelligent Dust Cleaning System
  • Self Design High Frequency Ejectors
  • Low Temperature LED Light Source
  • Intelligent LED Control System
  • Remote Control System


Technical Parameters:
















RC1 1-2 80:1 >99.9 220/50 0.5-0.8 270 875x1550x1320
RC2 1.5-3 80:1 >99.9 220/50 0.65-1.1 460 1240x1710x1720
RC3 2-4 80:1 >99.9 220/50 0.85-1.4 650 1555x1710x1720
RC4 3-6 80:1 >99.9 220/50 1-1.8 840 1870x1710x1720
RC5 4-8 80:1 >99.9 220/50 1.3-2.2 1030 2185x1710x1720
RC6 4.5-9 80:1 >99.9 220/50 1.7-2.8 1220 2500x1710x1720
RC7 5-10 80:1 >99.9 220/50 1.9-3.2 1350 2815x1710x1720
RC8 6-12 80:1 >99.9 220/50 2.2-3.7 1510 3130x1710x1740
RC10 7-16 80:1 >99.9 220/50 2.5-4.2 1850 3760x1710x1740
RC12 9-18 80:1 >99.9 220/50 2.9-4.8 2190 3935x1710x1740
















Remarks: The above parameters are tested results based on Polished round rice with the sigle chute 1-3T/H capacity. Actual capacity may vary according to raw material contamination ratio.


2 Chute High End Color Sorting Machine , High Output Rice Colour Sorter



Rice Color Sorter Machine

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